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Tel: +86-574-86360812
E-mail: sales@swellful.com
Add: Room 2305-3, BoLang Mansion, No.1156 North Heqing Road,Ningbo 315040, Zhejiang, China


Q: What product lines does Swellful offer?
Swellful is initially your kitchen and bareware warehouse. We carry kitchen utensils, tools and gadgets, food containers, cooking pans, baking moulds, baking decorating tools, baking pans, etc. For professional or homemade food, we have huge variety suitable products for you.

Then, with the business growing and various demands of our customers worldwide, we also introduced glassware, promotional products, seasonal and gift, celebrations, outdoor living, etc into our big family. Our website is easy to navigate and provides amazing search tools, we have what your customers want and what you need.
Q: Why choose Swellful?  
If you are looking for kitchen and baking items, Swellful is your one stop place. We have everything you need to make kitchen and baking fun and easy. With our products, you will never feel the mess about kitchen, instead, you will enjoy your time in kitchen with your family and children.
If you are looking for promotional products, Swellful is your perfect choice. We not only offer unique and quality products, but also use our resources to support our customers to gain bigger profit margin and business opportunities.

If you are looking for other products like home decor, seasonal products, etc. Swellful will be your best partner. With many years rich experience, we offer you value, selection and quality, along with our heritage of fast, friendly and knowledgeable service.
Q. How can I get more information on an item?
Once you find the product you are looking for on the gallery page, click the title or image of the item and it will bring you to the product page. Here, you will find more detailed photos or instructions. It’s that easy! If you need more information, you can always email arya@swellful.com



Tel : +86-574-86360812
Add: Room 2305-3, BoLang Mansion, No.1156 North Heqing Road,Ningbo 315040, Zhejiang, China

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